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the GIRL behind the MAGIC

a TRUE Taurus, Enneagram 2, & Taylor Swift Enthusiast

I'm Marina! Your Newest Friend!

i am so glad you'Er here -

Growing up, my mom always had a camera in her hand and my dad always had a camcorder in his. As the years went by, I adapted the same belief of making sure every memory was captured. From basement parties with friends, to my cousins’ birthday celebrations, I was the one with the camera. I started with having a point and shoot on me at all times to borrowing my moms DLSR for long weekend trips. In 2018, I brought it to a friends house and took photos while we babysat her niece and nephew. The reaction from their parents blew me away and I knew that I needed to continue bringing that joy to people - And that's when Marina Constance Photography was born!

about me

In my free time, I'm either restyling my home, adding random stuff to my Amazon shopping cart, or searching for the next far-away location I can travel to. I'm an old soul who's young at heart, and a lover of literally all things good and happy!

I'm a wife, a cat mom, and a creator photographing couples & families in NJ & beyond. My style is heavily influenced by my love for music, fashion, and a vintage modern aesthetic.

"I just think that you are what you love."

- Taylor Swift

State the obvious

By now, you've probably already figured out that I'm a BIG Swiftie. Taylor Swift has quite literally defined every part of my life that I have recollection of...We're going on 16 years! I've analyzed almost every lyric she's ever written and I've felt every emotion in my own way. I've grown to love LOVE so much because of her and she's a huge reason for why I am a lover of words, art, and being a girl boss. ;)

Some of the things I love...


vintage decor


my italian heritage

every. single.pasta.


I'm always looking forward to the next adventure that comes my way, but I'll never turn down a weekend on the couch with my amazing husband, Vinny, and our adorable twin cats, Cory & Topanga!


soft pretzels

Uh oh, I'm falling in love... Marina Nardini · Playlist · 59 songs

In this moment now capture it, remember it.

Sometimes when I am at a certain location for a session or wedding, it brings me back to a specific song or album. I value my creativity and the past I come from. After high school, I've had dreams and desires to work in the music industry. Now, I like to combine both forms of art to help create the beautiful moments I capture and shine light on emotions that will be remembered forever. Music will always set the tone and nostalgia will always bring us back. This playlist is full of my favorite love songs that do just that.

My favorite love songs...

listen with me